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Q: My husband filed for uncontested divorce and I signed the waiver which states “I appear in this action, however, I do not intend to respond to the summons or answer the complaint, and I waive the 20 or 30 day period provided by law to respond to the summons or answer the complaint. I waive the 40 day waiting period to place the matter on the calendar, and I hereby consent to this action being placed on the divorce immediately” My question now is when the divorce is finalized, do I have to sign the final decree? If so will I need to go in to court to sign or will he have to serve me those as well? Can I request to go to court and sign instead?

A: It sounds as though you signed the Affidavit of Defendant. Assuming so, you do not need to sign the Judgment – that’s for the Judge. There’s no further need to “go to court.” For a full assessment, call a Bronx Uncontested Divorce attorney to schedule a consult. 

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