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Can child share room with grandparents while on vacation?

Q: My boyfriends and his ex have a 4 yr old daughter together. There is no court order and all visitation arrangements are done verbally. He agreed to have his ex go to Puerto Rico for the summer with the daughter. After they were there he then found out that his ex brought her boyfriend and didn’t tell him. He then found out that his daughter was sharing a bedroom with the grandparents. Different mattress but in the same room while his ex and her boyfriend shared the 2nd room. My boyfriend thinks this is inappropriate. He wants the child to share a room with the mom and for the boyfriend to sleep in the living room. Is it okay for ex to go on vacation with her boyfriend and the child without telling the father? And is it okay for the child to share a bedroom with the grandparents if the father disagrees. My boyfriend doesnt want any man to share a room with the child, not even for vacation.

A: The bottom line: if there’s no court order prohibiting it, she can do it. I don’t necessarily see anything clearly inappropriate about the arrangement you described – especially given that it’s just for a short time. That said, it may behoove your boyfriend to schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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