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My ex and I split up and we have a 2.5 year old son. Is there a way to see if he filed for custody or support? I live in Yonkers

Q: My ex and I split up about 6 months ago. We were together for 5 years. We left within the last 6 months. He has never financially supported me and/or my son. I have always been the breadwinner.
I don’t want to share custody, but I know I might have to if it ends up that way. The question I have is, Is there anyway to find out if he filed for visitation?
Again he just gain employment and with his bills there is no way he would be able to pay child support and he knows that or at least I think he does. I just would like to be prepared. He does not have a stable living environment and he does have a criminal background, can I use any of that if down the line he files for join custody.
I live in Yonkers, NY westchester county. I told him that if he thinks of filing that I would take him for entire amount I am alloted to because its not right for him to have visitation and not pay and support for our son. Now he has not asked or tried to see our son, so I am not keeping him from seeing him. But I am also not initiating conversation for him to see him. I am leaving it up to him. Let me know.

A: As Family Court proceedings are confidential in NY, you can’t get this information via a web search. You’d need to goto Family Court & have them look-up the information. While there, you can file your own custody petition. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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