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Do i need to pay my girlfriend’s child support payments if she lives with me and we have 2 children?

Q: My girlfriend pays child support for her first child with another man. She currently does not work but I am helping her pay the child support payments. 1 – Can she lower the payments since she is not working and 2 – if she contacts NY Child support and tells them she does not work because she takes care of our children and i support her, will they (NY Child support) force me to make payments for her?

A: (1) She can file a petition to lower the child support via Family Court. She must prove she lost her last job thru no fault of her own & that she’s making a diligent effort to find new work commensurate with her prior earnings. (2) Child Support won’t force you to pay her bill – but if SHE doesn’t pay it, then she risks going off to jail. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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