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Q: I am a girl who married a girl while I was pregnant. She signed the birth certificate. The father was abusive towards me. I’m petrified of him and what he is capable of. He has tried to get me to come to court but I was never properly served so I never went and both his cases got dismissed. He hasn’t filed in over a year now. The child is 3 now. We moved to ny my wife and I are separated and I filed papers for custody she isn’t showing up to any of the court hearing and the court ordered my son a lawyer. Is the bio father going to find out about this? Do I need to tell the court about him? There is no dna test. I’m so scared he will find us. Should I just drop this whole case all togeather? What do I do? Please help!

A: The Court may very well ask about the Bio Father, if there’s no prior custody order between the two of you. He’s entitled to be served with a copy of the custody petition as he’s entitled to be a party to that case. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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