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My ex filed fraudulent Child protective services report on me to take my kids.

Q: Last Friday Child protective services showed up at my home for a report of unfit living condition . Same day my ex refused to let me take my kids violating the custody agreement. Stating my house was unfit for them. The Child protective services Agent laughed when she inspected my home. Stating she would love to live here. She spoke to my oldest daughter who is 18 and is no longer under the custody agreement. The agent asked where my twins are, I told her my ex would not let me take them based on these allegations. And is in violation of custody agreement. I live in the Bronx and My ex lives in Westchester. she said she would reach out to Westchester CPS . I am disabled with no income waiting on SSD to start. What can I do to fight this and get my sons back?

A: File a violation/enforcement petition in Family Court. Consider also filing for modification. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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