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Issues with kids school. Bias towards mother?

Q: I have had endless issues with my children’s school. Background, During divorce forensics evaluations were ordered. Ex wife went to school to get therapist for kids to extract information, School therapist helped my ex. When court found out. Cease and desist order . and subpoena’s were ordered.

Current, Now my sons are in that school I asked school SAME therapist to contact me directly as my ex refuses to give me any info. And presented court order showing joint custody. She never did. Now my sons are telling me the therapist told them they do not have to do chores at my home and do not have to come here if they don’t want to. This was confirmed. Despite serval attempts they have not contacted me or ever reached out to me. They only contact my ex wife. This is a bias. I went to the school to address this. and was told the therapist is a 3rd party and does not work for the school. they have a office their. I Have legal Joint custody and the schools are informed of this. Now I have a huge issue with my sons because of the advise they have been given. What do I do?

A: You should consider filing a modification petition/motion to ask the Court to order the children away from that therapist. Perhaps a new forensic is in order. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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