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In the Child Support Modification case, if I cannot provide financial disclosure because joint taxes with my current wife?

Q: I have filed for downward modification of child support and my ex has filed for upward modification. If I cannot provide financial disclosure because I filed my taxes jointly with my current wife, what will be the outcome. Will the child support be calculated based on my past salary though I have lost my job?

What if my salary is unpredictable. One year I can make a lot and another year I might not. Will the court take into account my highest salary. Is that fair?

I already pay a huge amount in child support and day care expenses are killing me. Why should the daycare expenses be paid by non custodial parent?

A: You cannot redact your wife’s social security number, but all other information should be disclosed. You can also produce her W-2’s so the court can easily decipher her income versus yours. In terms of your income, support is presumptively based on last-filed tax return. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment. 

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