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How do I a doctor’s report includes false accusations in order to prove to the judge I am not a threat to my son?

Q: 3 years ago I was involved in a domestic violence case with my son’s mother while we were living together. Since then, shes had a restraining order against me. I have not been allowed to see my son and can only see him through supervised visits which cost 500$ each time. The doctor evaluated both of us and the doctor includes several false accusations. Remind you my 5 year old son wants to be with me and that is stated throughout the report. How do i prove these false accusations in court in order to prove I am not a threat to my son and get unsupervised visits?

A: If the allegations already resulted in a final order, then your present task isn’t to disprove the allegations, but to demonstrate (via counseling/services you’ve done) that circumstances have changed such that you no longer need supervised visits. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Domestic Violence attorney for a full assessment.

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