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Can I sue my ex to share college expenses I have already spent for my son? My son will be 21 in few weeks.

Q: The divorce decree says the parents should share the college expenses based on their respective ability at the time such expenses are incurred. In the decree the Judge has ordered that each parent can take turn in claiming our son as dependent on tax returns. When my son started his college I requested(texted) my ex to stop claiming him on his tax returns, because he was not sharing any college expenses. He agreed to my request (nothing on paper, he has no screen shots saved of that agreement) Can I simply state that no such agreement was made and demand that he reimburse me his share of the college expenses that I have already spent?

A: Technically what should’ve happened is when there was a dispute as to who pays what, the issue should’ve been put in court right away. Now that the application was delayed, it’s questionable whether the court will award the retroactive amounts. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment.

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