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What do I file in supreme against a signed court order (nov, 2017) written by my ex-wifes attorney. It has a error.

Q: I am Pro Se. We had a proceeding in 2017 and my wife’s attorney offered to write the Order from the Transcript. The Order was signed and it has a mistake. The Order does not match the Transcript or the 2011 S.O.S. Do I file an OTSC? What kinds of documents?

A: First, what should have been done is that you should have received notice of the order’s submission (called a “notice of settlement”). Technically you had an obligation to inform of the error at that time. If the order’s already been signed and now the case is closed, then you’d need to file an order to show cause to restore the case to the calendar & request a corrected order be issued. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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