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Q: Basically my story is this… I am 31 years old with a severely disabled daughter, I lived in Florida but left for better doctors in NY, my mother took my daughter from we’re she was and filed for temporary custody of my youngest child then went after me for child support, I have been in and out of jobs and owe over 9,000 in child support. I am looking to get my daughter back due to unlivable conditions of my parents house, I was wondering how I could go about that from NY to Florida and if there is any help that can b provided. Thank you very much.
If it helps I did send packages to my daughter and speak to her everyday. I just wAnt my daughter back and have been trying since a year after I brought my 2end oldest to NY. But I don’t know how with this Temporary custody agreement, as well as my father sexually Abused both me and my sister, I just need help getting her away from there.

A: If your daughter lives with your mother (the child’s grandmother) in Florida, and the custody order was issued by a Florida court, then you’d need to file for a modification of custody in the State of Florida. NY would not have jurisdiction

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