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How to lower child support payments if cant afford the full amount?

Q: My fiance was put on child support. He works at a temporary job. Since it is temporary it pays more than typical jobs in his field. The child support with daycare and medical plus arrears is about 1000 a month. We also have a baby together and I also have a child from an ex. The child support I receive is about 380 a month. My fiance cannot afford to pay the child support since some weeks he doesnt even get full time hours. What will happen when this temporary job ends and he gets a full time job that pays less. He currently makes 18/ hr and other jobs in his field are about 14/ hr. Can he get the child support payments lowered.? At his followup hearing last week he was told to bring my tax papers since we share a child but the judge didnt even consider our child in the calculations and based everything off of 35 hours a week even though he doesnt always get granted that many hours. What can he do? We understand that he needs to give his ex money but close to 1000 is a ridiculous amount. And she makes more money than him. Plus she only has 1 child. We have 2 other children living in our home and our rent is way more money than hers. Can this be fixed?

A: If he wants a reduction and is currently underemployed, he must submit proof of a diligent job search. Also, generally subsequently-born children will not be considered by the court as each subsequent child is born with the knowledge that he’ll have less & less money to support each subsequent child. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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