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Can my best friend mom get custody of me ?

Q: I am 14 years old turning 15 next month the 19 and I been living with my dad girlfriend for the pass years my dad really haven’t been in my life because he has been ” working ” so I just been with his rude ex girlfriend who treats me nice sometimes then is mad disrespectful to me other times she calls me names and talk about me to her friends. Me and her have a argument everyday and she goes out everyday and comes back to the house really late. They both don’t really care about me because I’m left alone and always get blamed for something because of his girl telling him something, my best friend mom said she will get custody of me but how can she without my dad knowing I been through all of this many of times and I always end up with my dad again because with things like this happen he pops back up and tell lies and lies saying he is in my life and I hate that because he lying. I’m scared that if she do do it and it won’t go as plan he might beat me this time like he said he was.

A: Your best friend’s mother would need to prove that you are abused or persistently neglected in order to have “legal standing” to petition for custody. You thus may wish to speak to someone at school, a counselor or CPS about your situation & see what they think.

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