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Should I bring a lawyer to a preliminary hearing a child support modification?

Q: My husband has been going to court and fighting about paying for his 22 year old son. They moved to Pennysylvania and so not reside in Manhattan anymore. She never showed up to any of the court dates, this was going on for about a year since he turned 21. Needless to say the judge did nothing but transfer the case to Westchester during the last court date. We finally received a notice to appear in Westchester and it says that this will be a preliminary hearing. I just wanted to know if its worth bringing a lawyer or should he wait until the next court date. Don’t want to waste $700 for nothing. Thank you 

A: As a general rule, each side should be represented by counsel if they can afford it. At the least, he should consult with one going into the court date. Thus, have him set-up a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment. 

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