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I have been with the same man since 2013 – married divorced married again can I receive alimony?

Q: there is something not right with him and I didn’t find out until about 2 months into the relationship should’ve ran but didn’t – he gets mad over stupid things sometimes you don’t even know what it is and leaves without a trace for days weeks.. No its not drugs – sometimes I think its random flings but I am not allowed to ask questions only he is allowed to question me and in the end makes me believe I am wrong and he is right. This last bout happened 2 weeks ago and he is staying at his cousins for getting mad at me over something stupid but then when we started talking I had a problem and needed him and he said he couldn’t cause (everything else in the world is more important – says he loves me more than anything – that’s why I don’t want to bail on him cause I feel like he will have no one) his cousins wife needed him for something so I texted he must be “doing things” with her and when I called ten minutes later to apologize he changed his number – he has put me through mental emotional and physical hell and even my kids lived with their father because of him for some time so I am stupid for always letting him back in but I deserve alimony and a divorce now – can I get it?

A: You can certainly get a divorce – whether you can get alimony (a/k/a maintenance) is a completely different issue. The Court will look principally at the disparity of income, length of marriage & your alleged need to receive alimony. Checkout my Legal Guide on the various maintenance factors:https://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/what-fact… Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment. 

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