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Q: Just was served papers from my fiancé’s ex about us not paying medical expenses. The original agreement from FL stated that she had 30 days from her paying for us to pay her and we had 30 days to provide payment. Case was modified in 2014 to increase child support and increase in percentage he has to pay. We don’t pay if it has been past 30 days. She says NY agreement doesn’t have a date period of when she must provide receipts. If the court document says Modified doesn’t the signed agreement from FL still uphold?

A: If the NY order modified the FL agreement/order, then it would ALSO need to say “modified to the extent of . . .” for some provisions of the FL agreement/order to still be valid. If the NY order does not state same (or substantially similar language), then you may need to file a petition to modify so as to incorporate said language. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment. 

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