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Will my lawsuit against a trade union succeed.

Q: During my divorce proceeding my Atty got a quadro for me. I assumed that also meant my share of ex husband’s annuity acct. After not receiving any cash i called the union they told me I signed a notarized letter stating i did not want any money (who does this). I asked for a copy of said letter which someone had forged my signature. The union never checked with it notified me. How do you think this case will go.also I was married for 32 years the quadro only covered 17 years of the marriage and not the 32, can I get that corrected.

A: You wouldn’t necessarily file a lawsuit against the pension. First, one would need to know whether the QDRO was pre-approved by the plan. If it wasn’t, then no offense your prior lawyer didn’t follow the proper steps. You may also need to file an order to show cause before the divorce judge, as it’s ultimately your ex-husband’s obligation to pay. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Divorce attorney for a full assessment. 

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