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How to get a divorce in NYS if I can’t locate my husband?

Q: My husband and I broke up in June 2016. We’ve had ZERO contact since July of 2017. I’ve been trying to contact him for over a month so we can start the divorce process. I was told I will need to have him served with divorce papers but since I can’t find him and nobody from his family will speak to me I can’t have him served. I heard he is living in Florida now.

A: The answer is yes, but if you have no way to locate him, then getting divorced will be extremely time-consuming & expensive. First, you’d need to hire a P.I. to conduct a diligent search. If the P.I. is unable to locate him, then you’d need to do publication notice – and most newspapers will charge a fee of several thousand dollars for this service. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment. 

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