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How to establish paternity when he is hiding

Q: I have two daughters and ex convinced me to not add him on their birth certs. 2 yrs later we have broken up & I have tried to get him to come to a payment agreement & has refused. Changed his number & his address. I am aware of his work location & his private information. I have both girls in diff childcare and pay car insurance for even being able to make it to childcare & to work on time. I am 70 bucks from poverty level therefore cannot get any assistance. Barely making it. How can I establish paternity & what ways to do so. He is a violent individual so I am also afraid of what he may do after I file but I need the help.

A: You can have him served anywhere the process server can find him. A work location is good enough. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info. 

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