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What is the best option to reinstate my expired 2017 NYS Drivers License due to Child Support Arrears?

Q: I currently have $16,055.49 due to spotty employment and low paying jobs on and off since the Judgement in early 2000s. Since July 2017, I have obtained steady sufficient employment, I have been paying 750/month ($500 Judgement/$250 arrears) for 1 child from previous marriage. I have since remarried and had 2 other children. As a result of the arrears (or as they put it FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT), My NY State DL was suspended Issue Date: 2014-02-28 Reinstatement Date: 2016-06-14. It expired 9/14/1978. I have been told by CSE to fill out a net worth affidavit & DMV challenge. then wait 45 days for response. Is this my only course of action to get my License reinstated (despite expiration) or do I have other options?

A: You should indeed submit the challenge form. I’d suggest to await a response from SCU first, and if unsuccessful there, then you may file a petition in Family Court to request that the Magistrate order SCU to give you at least a work-restricted license. Call a Westchester Child Support attorney for more info. 

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