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There is no law that prevents me from publishing documents from my ex and his lawyer online, correct? and hash tagging them?

Q: i cannot currently contact my ex husband due to a false restraining order he filed (in Manhattan court claiming i’m violent because putnam county court is aware HE is the violent party who was arrested due to the bruising the police documented on me). He made various false statements about i’m contacting him for “extortion!” and he doesn’t know why i ma contacting him. He and his lawyer for 6 months refuse to address that he’s failed to pay me maintainence in full. I have the correspondence to both parties alerting them to his violation & their refusal to pay me. Since he knows this is not extortion, he lied in his filing to the judge in his restraining order! I cannot contact him directly, in any form,w (which i have not nor will i). my question is – there is no law that prevents me from publishing his restraining order petition on line, correct? There is no law that prevents me from publishing the letters from his lawyer stating he will not follow up on maintenance issues, correct? I want to post all this on social medias and hash tag her firm and my ex’s name. this is all “factual evidence” as they state, so why can’t i publish it and expose them for their mis truths.

A: If there’s already an order of protection, then this would arguably be a violation of same, in that it’s arguably threatening or intimidating conduct (if not harassment). Moreover, you could arguably be sued for libel. Assuming you have an attorney, s/he would likely strongly advise you against following that course of conduct. Call a Westchester Divorce attorney to schedule a consult for more info.

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