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My ex wife seems to be letting her boyfriend spend the night for the last past two weeks the condo is in both of our names

Q: We got a divorce she wanted to move out so i agreed but never a time limit its been rough for me but i stuck it out by not moving back in i didnt want her to be uncomfortable i have two children that live there 19 and 16 they asked me to talk to her because they thought it was temporary no use it turned into an arguement i want to move back and tell him to leave the premises and not to come back before it gets ugly i would like to benefit from my savings and hard work not for her to do something different whats my rjghts.

A: Assuming your divorce settlement addressed what’s to occur with the Condo, then you would need to follow its dictates. If for whatever reason the Condo was not addressed in the Divorce, then you may need to start a partition action. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce attorney for more info. 

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