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How do I divorce an illegal that tricked me in to kids and marriage then lost all interest in me after I filed her INS paperwork

Q: I meet my wife working at a night club. I was the owners private security guard. She was a barmaid – entertaining and suducing men so they buy her alcoholic drinks all night in exchange split commission on the overlay prices alcoholic drinks for the barmaids. I befriend her told her about the hard time in my life and she then pretend to be a friend. I later left the establishment as if hurt me that people started to know I liked her and they would tell me she was a call girl being paid for sex, and that she was pretending to not be in relationship with some older gentlemen but he would constantly told me how they are together and how he always give her a lot of money. I did believe it but to make a long story shortly after I stop working at the place and was disappointed because I really started to feel for her only to later find her working at the new club I would play pool at, and again she was with the same older she was dating. She then said hello. I tried to ignore but since I like her we started to talk again she then supposedly stop talking to the wealthy older gentleman and asked me to move in then after paper was filed she stop having relations with and talk to me bad.

A: Well, the simply thing is to simply file for an uncontested divorce & get her served. Hopefully you know where she resides so you can get her served with the papers. Call a Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment. 

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