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How can I get my mother to take my son’s father off child support ?

Q: My son and I live with my mom and she had a case which so no longer have. She claims she’s not receiving the child support money from the state but I need his help but he can’t cause child support is taking his money and he doesn’t have enough to help after unless he gets off and we make an arrangement or ill open a case of my own. Please help, what can I do to get my mother to drop the case because I think she’s pocketing the money I have received any money from her in 3yrs… is there another way I can go about taking him off or ordering my mom to or something?

A: It depends – if your mother is the petitioner on a child support case against you, then the issue is whether its because DSS or PA is involved in some manner. If not, then you may need to establish a court order of custody & support rhu the Family Court. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment. 

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