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Can I get a restraining order for false allegations and harassing texts and emails?

Q: My ex-husband has falsely accused me of child abuse in which CPS did an investigation and said the accusation was unfounded. His accusation was the most despicable allegation another parent can accuse another parent of. He has in the past and continues to leave angry voice messages, emails and texts regarding issues concerning our children. I am tired of the being bullied and harassed by this man and want to know if there is anything I can do to prevent him from continuing this harassment?

A: It’s unlikely a Judge would give you an order of protection for this, as it’s not technically a “domestic violence” crime. It may be another type of crime, such as reporting a false incident, but you’d need to file a police report to that effect. You may also sue him for abuse of process, and/or file to have his parenting time restricted. Call a White Plains Child Abuse defense attorney for more info. 

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