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Can ACS force me to take a drug test if my wife admitted prior drug use on her behalf, yet I have no history?

Q: ACS WAS called because my wife admitted to a consolour in confidence that she was in a program( not me, her) and had relapsed about a month prior but has been clean since. The lady called acs on us. They came seen my 7 year old daughter was clean fed and in school at the top of her class. Now they are asking me to take a drug test and I do not feel I should subject myself the embarrassment of having to urinate in front of another man. Can I be forced to do so.

A: Generally they cannot require you to take a test unless there is some reason to suspect you may take illegal drugs. That said, prior to outright refusing, you’re best advised to consult with an attorney. Thus, call a Bronx Child Abuse defense attorney to schedule a consult. 

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