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What happens if you do not include all of your jobs on child support court date?

Q: My boyfriend was unemployed for a few months so when he started working again he took on 3 jobs. He has 1 full time job and the other 2 are part time jobs that are temporary. His full time job is 36 hrs a week. The other 2 part time jobs is 20 hrs and 12 hrs per week. We live together and have a child together. His ex who he shares an older child with, served him child support papers cause she wants more money then what he was offering her. With all of his jobs he is working 68 hrs+ a week which is why at the present moment he is making a good amount. We don’t think it’s fair that they calculate child support based on his 2 part time jobs since those are just for now to build up a savings and then he will quit them. He wants to only put down his full time job of 36+ hrs a week and not include his part time jobs. Can he do this? If he only puts the info for his full time job, will they be able to see in court that he has other jobs?

A: He is required to list all of his jobs on the financial disclosure affidavit. If he does not, then he’s committing perjury, and thus risks either sanctions or jail. His better move is to retain an attorney & argue that the Court should not impose full guidelines on his 3-job income. Have him call a Bronx Family Law attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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