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What are my best options to be able to see my son. I received temporary order of protection and a summons for custody/vis

Q: My son is currently 2 years old. Myself and his mother were co parenting without any issues. The petitioner found out that I was in a serious relationship with another women, and abruptly left with my son to an unknown location. With me being concerned I finally get a chance to speak to her on the phone and she simply says “I have nothing to say to you” and hung up. Few days later I receive a summons for custody/visation and temporary order of protection against me saying I threatened her and broke a tv,which is completely false. I understand that they might not see her selfish ways, so at this point I’m looking for the best way to approach this without causing more stress for everyone involved. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A: You may file a counter-petition for a court order of visitation. If she’s listed her address as “confidential” with the Court, then the Court will arrange to have her served with same. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

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