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My kids dad served me with some custody papers few days ago can he get full custody ?

Q: We were co parenting great we were doing good up till now he served me with papers we split up 4 years ago and since then the kids been going back and forth school days they with me and on weekends with their dad. If holidays he wants them i don’t say no or summer vacations i don’t say no… he works weekdays n sometimes weekends he has no time for my kids. He drops them off in different places instead of leaving them with me.and right before thanksgiving my oldest daughter walked in on him and his girlfriend having sex 

A: Child Custody is a complex analysis and should only be appropriately done at a full consultation. If you do not have a custody order in your favor, then you should file a counter-petition for custody. Call a Bronx Family Law attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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