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I’m only 19 how can I become my niece and nephews foster parents ?

Q: I am only 19 years old. Currently my mother have custody of my niece and nephew. My mother can no longer Care for my niece and my nephew. My brother which is my niece and my nephews father does drugs and has a drinking problem. Their mother also is unstable doing drugs and drinking as well. She is mentally unstable too. My mother works full time and feels as though she can’t take care of them any longer and her husband is very sick. She is going to hand them over to foster care soon . Is there any way for me to become there legal guardian or foster parent? I’m currently about to move in a two bedroom apartment if that makes matters better. 

A: Yes, you can file for custody. You would nevertheless need to prove you have financial resources to enable you to support yourself & the 2 children. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment. 

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