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I have custody, what if dad don’t sent kids back during visitation?

Q: I live in NY and dad lives in FL, I have custody through the courts , I let dad have the kids for Christmas vacation , now I am worried he won’t return the child back before school starts. What can I do if my child is not here on Jan 5th?. I live in NYC Bronx.

A: There are many things: (1) call the Father & demand he return the child, (2) e-mail & text him to that effect, (3) calls the Sheriff’s Department and/or Police Dept. in the municipality where he lives, offer to fax down the order & see if they’ll intervene, (4) file an emergency order to show cause and/or Writ of Habeas Corpus in Family Court asking for an immediate return of the child. You may ultimately need to go down to Florida to retrieve the child – and you may benefit from having a consultation with an attorney. Call a Bronx Child Custody attorney for more info. 

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