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Can I legally do anything to keep my father away from me?

Q: My father used to beat me and my mom because of that I’ve been scared of him since I was a little girl.He doesn’t live with us but he picks up my younger siblings and takes them to his house sometimes.And today he came to my house to see my younger sister and he told me I had to go to his house this week.I froze in fear and just said yes.But I’m 17,I don’t want a relationship with my father I despise him for what he did to me and my mom.Is there anything I can legally do to finally feel safe and happy and make sure he doesn’t try to force me to go with him ever? Being around him makes me scared and uncomfortable,I just want him to leave me alone so I can try to be happy and live my life. 

A: If there’s a visitation order, then your mother may file a petition to modify it. If there’s no order, you’re not obligated to go. Call a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info. 

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