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Where do I file the petition for custody?

Q: I am the mother of a 3 month old daughter. I was living in Nassau County, New York (Massapequa) until October 1st 2017. I am now residing in Bronx, New York. I filed a petition for an order of protection while I was living in Nassau County but it was vacated and I have to amend the petition. We go back to court at the end of January. Since this is taking place in Nassau family court do I file the petition for custody in Nassau Family Court or do I file in Bronx County Family Court because I am residing with my child in the Bronx? 

A: You should file the custody petition in the Bronx. You can always make a request to the Family Court Judge in Nassau to consolidate the two cases & transfer it to the Bronx. Call a Bronx Family Law attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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