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What can you do if the non-custodial parent has excessive arrears but is making regular payments of less than 30% court order?

Q: My daughter’s father makes regular payments to child support that equals about 25% of what he was ordered to pay. Because of this, the other 75% gets added to the arrears which is almost at 36K. This is becoming a real hardship as the amount that he’s paying does not even cover half of my daughter’s child care expenses. I am starting to get the impression that as long as he is paying something regularly, the Child support enforcement agency is not concerned about the arrears. What can I do to ensure that he at least starts making the required payment 

A: You may file a violation petition. The Court may consider other remedies, such as garnishments, asset seizures – and ultimately consider incarceration of he continues to mount arrears. Call a Bronx Child Support attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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