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My wife keep threatening me if i divorce her , she will kill herself and write a note that i was the reason for her death.

Q: I have been married to her for over 2 years and she suffer of deep depression , now we are not living together and i am thinking on moving on with my life and i met someone else i am planning to be with , but the problem is she keep threatening me if i decide to leave her , she will commit suicide and write a note that i was the reason for her death because she knows i will be in trouble , knowing that we do have a case with uscis pending for over a year and i didnt get my papers yet but i am not willing to be with her anymore . What i am suppose to do ? 

A: I can’t tell you what to do vis-a-vis immigration – you should consult an immigration attorney on that issue. As for the divorce, your alternative is to do a legal separation – though this will not allow you to get re-married until you eventually file for divorce. Call a Bronx Divorce attorney for more info. 

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