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Is it illegal for me to send legal documents to my ex husband? it doesn’t’ appear he has a lawyer?

Q: I’m prose. my ex husband’s attorney is refusing to speak to me, email me, and to send me written letters. i cannot get her to confirm she represents him. I’ve written the judge to please interfere since she refuses any contact with me. In fact, i cannot even confirm she still represents him, because if she did, wouldn’t she by law have to speak with me somehow? I’m going to send all legal documents directly to him and not to her, since i cannot get confirmation from any of her staff that they work for him and represent him. Yes, if he has a lawyer it’s customary to send it to them, that i understand… I’M ASKING IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ME TO SEND HIM DOCUMENTS INSTEAD OF TO HIS LAWYER? as long as he receives all documents he’s required to by the judgment, and he does, i am compliant, yes? (fyi there is no restraining orders in place) 

A: It’s not “illegal” in a strict sense of the word, as that terms means it’s violating a criminal statute. That said, if his attorney’s name is either on a pleading or she’s filed a notice of appearance, then she’s attorney of record and any “legal documents” would need to be served on her office. Call a Westchester Divorce attorney for more info. 

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