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How do i compel Milana Tepermayster, my ex’s attorney to speak with me as prose? he’s in alimony violation and she knows it. ?

Q: I’m prose. my ex husband’s attorney is refusing to speak to me, email me, and to send me written letters. i cannot get her to confirm she represents him. I’ve written the judge to please interfere since she refuses any contact with me. In fact, i cannot even confirm she still represents him, because if she did, wouldn’t she by law have to speak with me somehow? she knows he’s in violation of the judgment and has not provided full alimony. she’s refusing contact as if he because he’s in violation. I’ve had to call him at the FDNY station house before to ask for my alimony checks that he’s in violation of and not providing, because she refuses to speak to me. I can’t confirm that she indeed works for him, her silence says she isn’t employed by him any longer. 

A: Suggestion: simply give the order to a NYC Marshal & pay them to draft an income execution. If he works for FDNY, then his wages can be garnished with the amount he’s supposed to be paying in maintenance (so long as the Judge’s order is for a sum certain to be paid each week, month, etc.). Call a Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment. 

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