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Does the custodial parent or the NYS CSU petition for a violation of arrears and my daughter is 21.

Q: I have been divorced since 2009. I have been fighting in Family Court of Westchester County with him ever since. But it was interrupted once because he had testicular cancer and then he collected disability and I received around $1644.00 a month. He moved to the Netherlands and my payments stopped in July of this year although I had been getting it for years. He is also a British citizen. He has had many judgements, the NYS CSU can’t tell me anything due to privacy laws or their stories change. One person said I need to petition for violation of arrears, someone else said you cannot petition for violation of arrears. A case was opened in The Netherlands but closed because they couldn’t find him.
Some agents said letters were sent out and I had to wait 20 business days. 

A: If you want to enforce the order, you CAN file a violation petition. However, if he’s in a foreign country, the issue becomes what happens if he defaults – or you aren’t able to serve him. The most the Court can do is issue a warrant – which may/may not help you. You may wish to set-up a consult with a Dutch attorney about registering the order for enforcement in that country. Call a Westchester Child Support attorney for a full assessment. 

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