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Can I change my child support court date to obtain representation?

Q: I have a case in Bronx Family court with my ex who’s the typical pro who lived on and knows how to get over on the system. Works but maneuvers to some how get (section 8, food stamps. She didn’t served me because I wasn’t taking care of my daughter. In fact i was giving her $800 monthly plus additional for diapers and milk. She served me because she wanted MORE money and scorned…4th child, 4th baby daddy. I’m not rich. I work for the city. I made 50k last year due to job injuries (out on disability). Got a part time on the side this year.
A lot of personal hardships unexpected…I have to pay back restitution as I got in trouble with some financial stuff. That kills my pockets but I still had my daughter as priority. I’ve been going to court the past few months prose, as I couldn’t afford an attorney. I don’t qualify for one pro bono nor low income. Im paying $1300/month temporary child support. Was told it’s too much. It was based on last year tax and my new part time. She had an attorney and I just feel bullied & clueless in the hearings. I’m searching for an attorney but the days are close. I have court in 2 weeks in the Bx. Can I postpone to obtain council? 

A: Generally if the case was already adjourned, the Court will not grant another adjournment to give you more of an opportunity to retain counsel. You should shop around as some lawyers offer sliding scales & accept credit cards. Call a Bronx Child Support attorney to schedule a consult. 

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