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Can a judge issue out a warrant for my arrest if I don’t show up in court?

Q: I paid my lawyer 3000 dollars to take my kids father to court so he can help take care of his two kids so now to get pay back he’s trying to get custody of our two children he’s abusive he has a felony charge against him and charges for abusing me and my oldest daughter he also has a charge for abusing his oldest daughter with an extension cord.. I’m in danger of him and his family I do not want to go to court I just want this situation resolved but I need to my rights please.

A: If you were personally served with a court summons more than 8 days before the court date (or sooner if a date was specified for service within an order to show cause), then you must appear. If you cannot for whatever reason, you may try writing the Judge a letter – but merely feeling in danger of him would not be a valid excuse for not appearing. Call a Bronx Child Custody attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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