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My granddaughter was given a court appointed lawyer about six months ago and she has yet to talk to my 6 yr old granddaughter ?

Q: My son and daughter n law are in court for custody of my granddaughter and was appointed a lawyer who has yet to talk to her. My daughter n law has had already two acs cases and my granddaughter has spoken to acs and told them she doesn’t want to live with her mother and the acs worker doesn’t understand why they haven’t spoken to child yet. All I get when I call is a nasty attitude and when there is court the court appointed attorney sits with the mother which also she is bias against the father. The court is in the Bronx family court . We want to change the lawyer because my granddaughter is in need of someone to talk to. When we called the last time to speak to this court appointed attorney we left her message and she told the judge that the father and grandmother act like the child is dying which isn’t the case but how can she even say something when she has never spoken to the child? We are being treated unfairly. please help me email me

A: Your son, through his attorney, should raise this to the Judge. Attorneys for Child are absolutely required to speak with their client. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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