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My children’s father does not want me to go back into the home that we both own.

Q: In December 2016, I had to move from my home where I lived w/my children’s father because day in & day out he continued to be verbally abusive to me in front of our children. I didn’t know how to kick him out because he is the owner of the home & I knew he would not leave. Therefore, after hearing him continuously throw me out of the house I was forced to leave to prevent my children from seeing this kind of abuse. When I left I tried to talk to him & I continuously asked if he could provide financial support for the children & he would always state to me that it was my responsibility because I took the children w/me. For months I tried to talk to him asking to please help me w/the children’s expenses & he would attack me & say it was my obligation. So, I finally took him to child support & finally after 9 months of no financial support he was court ordered to pay child support. But in that 9months my bills piled up & I couldn’t afford my rent/food for my children & it forced me once again to move. I moved back to my moms & now I live in a room w/my 2 young children. I’ve asked him if I could move back into our house in 1 of the apartments, that I would pay rent. He refuses.

A: Unfortunately there is no basis – assuming you are not married to him – to move back into a house he owns & essentially kick him out. The child support court should have entered any order to collect the retroactive amount, however, so he should begin paying that amount off in addition to the basic. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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