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Q: Dated prior to marriages. He was taking pills and suboxon. When I found out, I ended relationship. Haven’t seen him in over 2 years he told me he was all clean, no pills, no suboxon. We starting dating for almost 6 months again and we married. The marriage was going south almost immediately as I saw a major change in him. He finally confessed he has been taking suboxon the entire 6 months we dated and couldn’t get it anymore from “his source”. This was totally deceitful, as I NEVER would have married him if I was made aware of that. He admitted that was why he never told me. Now we haven’t had sex almost 1 year as he says he’s impotent. Saw a doctor and does not follow through. He says he won’t give me a divorce, but does he have a say in it or am I entitled to an annulment? We have no kids together or any assets together. No bank accounts, nothing. 

A: Generally with an annulment one must have “corroboration,” which may be difficult in your circumstance. With a “no fault” divorce, one doesn’t need the other side’s consent – and it’s relatively easy to prove. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Divorce attorney for a full assessment. 

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