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Where can I educate myself – civil procedure for OSC Contempt of FJOD and enforcement of support arrears?

Q: Infuriated lawyer, told me dont ask questions. 1yr into OSC for contempt arrears $500,000. No idea whats going on. Hearings councel meets with Judge, I’m called in at end. Why? IRS documented Tax Fraud & Identity Theft, acknowledged as victim of crime. Referred to OVC. I am sick w/o ins coverage for treatment. Ins. part of FJOD. Throughout 1yr course of events Ex has continued in contempt, dont know if Judge is aware. Pays $0 in support. FJOD 50% of gross income. Public record, he speaks of accolades, in top 2% of sales for his national brand. Claims to court hes an indigent banker/investor. Bank statements, 1 acc. shows $24,000 mthly. dep. No expense
New federal investigation began. Electric shut off- hospitalized. Have draft of motion, no sign. Using my po box on bank docs, my home address on his personal cks. My neighbor’s address on tax return & alimony filed SS#123456789. Police report filed. If deception was presented to court Judge would know hes not credible. Dont know what info Judge has. Do not believe its same documents I have. I need help. My Illness is being used as a weakness. Medical treatment at mayo clinic has been haulted. My children deserve stability & a Mom. 

A: David’s Answer: It certainly sounds as though you have a complicated legal situation – in which you’d benefit from a full assessment by an attorney. If you’re looking for resources, best place to go is to the Supreme Court Law Library in your county – they have many free resources available. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Child Support attorney for more info. 

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