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Visitation rights are not exercised, what can I do about it?

Q: My child have not seen her father for 2 years now, even though there is an order for visitations. He even refuses to speak with her on the phone. She is at that age now , where she realizes that she has a father, and she misses him ( even she does not know him), she feels sad very often and expresses it. I am terrifies to think that she will have psychological issues because of that later in her life. I am heart broken right now, and feel frustrated as a parent I can not do anything about it. Can I enforce visitations somehow through the court system? I am in NY.

A: David’s Answer: Assuming you’re the mother of the child who wants the child to visit with her father, the best thing is to contact the father. The Court cannot force him to see the child if he doesn’t want to. But the Father is obligated to pay support irregardless. So you could always say: if you don’t wish to have a relationship with the child, then I’l go in & ask for more child support as the child’s then with me 100% of the time & I need more money to cover all her expenses. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment. 

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