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Order for and notice of court hearing , return of service civil protection order?

Q: Why was this sent to me , it states
She has been a victim of stalking

She requests for court order the following conditions

To not send gifts to her residence

Then it says she request ex parte because she believes she’s in immediate danger

Then it says after review the court finds

The allegations of the avidavit meets the requirements of section 186a and a hearing is scheduled .

Then it has a statement of conditions in which see seeks relief

She writes

I showed up at her house on 8/19/2017. She was not home and her brother in law notified her the children opened the door , and that I was asking about her and if she was home , and that I continue to stalk her by sending emails to her gmail account , and that I searched Google to find her gmail account because it has her first and last name . Says I continue to stalk her and her twin sister , and that I send gifts every month from 1800 flowers.com and she took a picture of each gift and threw the others away .

, I haven’t been violent or harrasing her .I haven’t spoken with her at all since I’ve been writing and sending her flowers and other gifts . but the extent of me writing is saying I miss her 

A: David’s Answer: Has the case been filed in Criminal Court or Family Court? You may file a responsive answer if in Family Court and have a right to a trial to contest the charges. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Domestic Violence attorney for more info. 

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