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My daughter’s father isn’t being nice to her and is taking his gifts back. Can he do that ?

Q: I won sole legal and physical custody at the end of August. He has visitation every other weekend Saturday morning to Sunday evening. He originally waa fighting for Thursday to Sunday every other weekend but it was denied and I won. Since then my daughter comes home crying after every visit saying how mean they have become. I feel like they are taking it out on her since she told her lawyer she only wanted one night every other weekend. She is currently 8 years old. She told me that the presents they got her for her birthday that they gave it away to her father’s girlfriend kid. Gifts of jackets and coats he wants them back. They made her a knit doll 2 years ago and now they want it back. I really don’t care if they want their stuff back but it is affecting my daughter. I don’t think it is right. Can they do that? She has also told me that her father called her a selfish little brat like your mother…and that he told her if she wanted him to sign a paper so that he isn’t legally her father…she is 8 years old. I feel like this isnt appropriate. Can I suspend his visitation or request supervised? What can be done? Can I deny him getting the doll back?

A: David’s Answer: Your first step would be to communicate your concern to him – see what he says. If it’s a pattern then you can certainly file a modification petition & request restricted visitation. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment. 

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