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I want to complain about Bronx family court judge ?

Q: I want to complain about a family court judge in the Bronx. Since my ex gf (the witness) stopped going to court and stopped cooperating with them. The judge doesn’t want to throw out the case. What to do. I feel the judge is bias cuz of my color

A: David’s Answer: Merely because a Judge doesn’t wish to dismiss a case isn’t grounds to file a complaint as the Judge appears to be exercising his/her discretion – something they are permitted to do. If you disagree with any decision/order of the Judge, your remedy is to file an appeal, not a complaint. And mere speculation that the Judge is biased against you based on race/ethnicity would not warrant a complaint unless there was some specific facts to back it up. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

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