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Child support and ssi benefits ?

Q: Baby has ssi but the income is not enough can I get child support while the baby is on ssi? The baby temporary do not live with me lives with my mom and she is the payee how do this work is ssi income calculated? If I get good engouh child support order can I cancel the ssi? I am planing to move child back home with me and the ssi will terminate due to my income I need to know can I take him to court now with the ssi then terminate when child moves back home would that affect child support

A: David’s Answer: I respectfully disagree with the other attorney’s contribution. (1) It depends on the nature of the SSI, because if the child’s getting that because of a disability, then it is not income-based & in that case you could ask for more child support. (2) It’s also untrue that “other types of public benefits” would allow you to petition for more support, because if you were in receipt of TANF funds (otherwise known as “welfare” or public assistance) you could NOT get ANY child support as everything would go to DSS. Call a Bronx Child Support attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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